Little Badger and the Fire Spirit

July 3 - 28, 2017

in over 20 different parks around Saskatoon. Evening shows at 7. Sunday matinees at 2.

Theatre in the Park is Saskatchewan's first FREE live professional outdoor theatre. Suitable for all ages. Everyone welcome. FREE of charge. Come an hour early to do a free craft with the Children's Discovery Museum! 

Stay tuned for show details and the full schedule!



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Dates and Parks Hosting us

  1. Meadowgreen Park at 7:00pm

  2. Alexander MacGillivray Young Park at 7:00pm

  3. Mount Royal Park at 7:00pm

  4. Chief Darcy Bear Park at 7:00pm

  5. Anita Langford Park at 7:00pm

  6. Grosvenor Park at 2:00pm

  7. Silverspring Park at 7:00pm

  8. Ashworth Holmes Park at 7:00pm

  9. James Anderson Park at 7:00pm

  10. Pleasant Hill Park at 7:00pm

  11. GD Archibald Park West at 7:00pm

  12. Wilson Park at 7:00pm

  13. Robert Hunter Park West at 2:00pm

  14. AH Browne Park at 7:00pm

  15. Exhibition Park at 7:00pm

  16. Victoria Park at 7:00pm

  17. Wildwood Park at 7:00pm

  18. Churchill Park at 7:00pm

  19. Wallace Park at 2:00pm

  20. Buena Vista Park at 7:00pm

  21. W.J.L. Harvey North Park at 7:00pm

  22. Sidney L. Buckwold Park at 7:00pm

  23. Parc Canada at 7:00pm

  24. Les Kerr Park at 7:00pm

  25. Surprise Park at 7:00pm


Little Badger & the Fire Spirit follows a boy on a dangerous quest to bring fire back to his people. Little Badger’s world is one full of music, magic and a beautiful Indigenous world-view. This is a story about how the human, natural and animal worlds are intertwined.

Huge Thanks to the Community Associations who partnered with us this year.

Mayfair, Riversdale, Wildwood, Lakeview, Caswell Hill, College Park, Meadowgreen, Queen Elizabeth Exhibition, Varsity View, North Park/Richmond Heights, Nutana, Adelaide/Churchill, Stonebridge, Sutherland, Eastview, Pleasant Hill, City Park, Silverwood, River Heights, Hampton Village, Buena Vista, Mount Royal and Fairhaven.